Property Transfers

 Kavanagh & Co Solicitors, with offices at The Square, Tullow, Co. Carlow, provide extensive legal services in the area of property law to its client base in the South East.

Residential Property – Buying/Selling or Mortgaging your house

 We provide advices on the sale and purchase of residential property to include the acquisition of sites, mortgages, re-financing, advising on co-ownership, lettings, Residential Tenancies Act, stamp duty and management companies.

Buying your home is extremely exciting but it can be a very stressful time too. At Kavanagh and Co we strive to make the process as simplistic as possible and the client is always involved in the process.

When purchasing your house, the first step is to negotiate the price with the auctioneer. You will pay a booking deposit to the auctioneer and that will hold the property for you. This deposit is refundable, up until contracts are signed, should you choose not to proceed with the transaction.

Once you have gone sale agreed, the auctioneer will inform the vendor/selling solicitor to then send the draft contracts for sale with supporting documentation including title, planning and building regulations documents to the purchasing solicitor for investigation. If you are purchasing the property with a mortgage you must inform the bank who your solicitor is. The bank will then forward the loan offer and conditions of the loan offer to your solicitor. It is essential that you read all of the loan conditions to make sure that you understand them and that you can fulfill your obligations under the loan.

Steps in a conveyancing purchase:

  • Attendance and taking instructions;
  • Examination of Contracts for Sale title documents and planning permission;
  • Raising of pre-contract enquiries, advising on title and contract;
  • We advise you on any issues of concern;
  • We liaise with your bank or lending institution in respect of your mortgage, which we register as part of the over all property purchase process;
  • Review all aspects of the property management company for you;
  • Drafting and completion of security and ancillary documentation for completion;
  • Closing of purchase to include putting in place of searches;
  • Undertakings given to Bank to effect drawdown of loan facilities;
  • Completion of assurance documents;
  • Filing of Stamp Duty return with Revenue, payment of any stamp duty liability arising and obtaining Stamp Certificate;
  • Completion of Form 17 and lodging documents in the Land Registry to effect registration;
  • Completion of Certificate of Title and forwarding relevant documents of title to the Bank as security as per term of loan agreement;
  • Communications, correspondence and general advice given;

Steps in a conveyancing sale:

  • Attendance, taking instructions and advice given;
  • Obtaining relevant documents to title and ancillary closing documentation;
  • Completion and forwarding of Contracts for Sale;
  • Replying to Requisitions on Title
  • Drafting and effecting completion and execution of transfer and closing documentation;
  • Forwarding of all title documents to the purchaser’s solicitors;
  • Certifying explanations on searches furnished;
  • Communications, correspondence and general advice given;


Legal Costs: -

We have set out the likely expenses that you will incur in purchasing your property. 

  • To stamp duty on Deed of Transfer (1% on residential property, 6% on land)        
  • Land Registry Transfer Deed       €600.00 to 800.00
  • Land Registry Mortgage Deed    €175.00
  • Opening of new folio (if applicable)        €75.00
  • Copy Folio and File Plan on completion   €40.00
  • LPT – amount to be apportioned on closing
  • Service Charge, if managed estate – amount to be apportioned on closing           

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